Altitude Training Himalayan Camp – April 2021

Shashank, one of India’s leading running coaches, visited Iten in Kenya, which has produced many of the worlds leading runners. He realized that the elite runners of the world train at high altitude on undulating terrain.

Shashank is the founder of Run Academy by Shank (RAS). Shank – as he is lovingly called-  realized no public facility in India offers such training to regular runners. The first High Altitude Training Camp is our attempt to fill this gap.  It will be hosted in the Kumaon Himalayas on April 20-25, 2021. The camp will be hosted at the Quiet Place, which is at an altitude of 6400 feet above sea level. The running will take us to elevations of over 7500 feet.

Altitude training Himalayas
Coach Shashank

Shank has designed the camp very thoughtfully, with acclimatization and multiple short training days which build up to a long run of 22k / 32k. You can choose either distance based on your goals and level.

Each run starts with a warmup exercise and ends with cool down and Rehab.

Daily schedule

April 20: arrive, acclimatize, walk and chill

April 21: 10k run to familiarize with terrain. Net height loss and gain: approx. 500 ft

April 22: Interval training (HIIT)

April 23: 5k run +Cross training hike(run easy 5k to trail start followed by easy 6k trail walk back to camp)

April 24: Long run (22k / 32 k) with heavy altitude gain / loss

April 25: Q&A and feedback session and leave at 11 AM after leisurely breakfast

Shank will also be taking theory sessions on some days. The cuisine and diet for each day is customized by Shank for the needs of runners.

The price of 35k includes all meals, twin-shared room, workouts & support during running. To book a spot, please call/WhatsApp (+91)97176-15666.

Participating runners can choose to stay beyond the 25th and continue their training. Shank will be in Satkhol fo a few days beyond April 25th too. Each extra day will be charged at INR 7000 for a single room, and 5500  for a twin-shared room.

About the Venue: The Quiet Place ( is an orchard on a ridge with amazing views of dawn, dusk and snow-clad peaks.  The retreat is rated 5/5 on tripadvisor. The retreat has amazing views, yummy food, and lots of common areas where you can hang-out, work, chat & read. There is good wi-fi and dedicated staff to take care of all your needs.

To book a spot in this running camp, please call/WhatsApp (+91)97176-15666.